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Latest News

Americans protect their reputation by thinking about the future, shows new study

A good reputation is extremely valuable in social life, but people sometimes do things that harm their reputations.


The Psychology Behind Conspiracy Theories and Extremist Groups

by Katie White Austin

They have become part of the mainstream culture, so what makes conspiracy theories and extremist groups so attractive to people?


Character and Context Blog

For a Happy Marriage, Both Spouses’ Personalities Matter

by Shuangshuang Wang

Certain couples have particular patterns of personalities that work particularly well—or particularly badly—together.


Pervasive Gender Stereotypes about Intelligence in the United States and Beyond

by Daniel Storage

In a recent study, adults and children in the United States and 78 other countries associated “brilliance” and “genius” with men more than with women.


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Tina Sundelin

Tina Sundelin

University of Stockholm

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