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Society of Australasian Social Psychologists (SASP)

SPSP and the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists (SASP) participate in a summer school exchange program. The Australasian Summer School, which is held for a week (usually in early February) every other year, offers up to 36 places to graduate students placed across three workshops. In its agreement with SPSP, SASP reserves up to three places for students currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program. Students interested in participating should apply directly to the SASP Summer School.

SPSP is pleased to offer three Travel Awards to support attendance at the SASP Summer School. We believe that this is an exceptionally valuable experience for students. The Travel Award provides reimbursement for up to $750 in travel-related expenses to up to three students who have already been selected as part of the SASP-SPSP exchange program for 2018. We will be offering this same award for 2020.

Additional Details - 2018 Australasian Summer School in Social Psychology

When: Feb. 19th-  Feb.25th , 2018

There will be 3 streams with at least 2 teachers and 15 students in each stream. It is a great venue and will be the perfect time of year! We are waiting on some final confirmation of teachers and will be in touch updating this ASAP. Please contact me with any questions. 


Political psychology and public opinion (Marc Wilson, Victoria University Wellington; Danny Osborne, Auckland University), 

Is voting an act of affirmation or choice? Is it true that you can tell a politician is lying because their lips are moving? The Political Psychology Stream will provide a rollercoaster ride introducing the historical evolution of the study of political behaviour at the intersection of political science and psychology, some hands-on play with political psychology data, and key topics in contemporary political psychology. Depending on student interest these might include topics such as voting behavior, social networks, protest and activism, environmental politics, political language, and personality and politics. 

Leadership and social change (Emina Subasic, University of Newcastle; Dominic Packer, Lehigh University, USA)

Social psychology offers a rich understanding of social change – from social action and protest in the face of injustice, to resolving conflict, enhancing social cohesion and building solidarity across group boundaries. The field has also seen a revival of interest in social aspects of leadership and influence, going beyond intra- and inter-individual analyses to consider group and intergroup aspects. In this stream, we will examine the intersection of these domains to better understand how people are mobilised for change in social relations and develop new paradigms for studying leadership and social change in interaction.

Reconceptualising prejudice (Michael Platow, ANU;  & Martha Augoustinos;


The cost is $450 per student due on confirmation of placement at the summer school (payment details will follow) which covers accommodation, venue, catering.  Students will need to find their own transport to and from Kioloa but this will be co-ordinated to reduce costs.  


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